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Christina Desormeaux

eLearning Instructional Designer &

Founder of Flex Learning Designs

Christina didn't just fall into designing learning, she chose to be in this field because of her passion to help people make the most of their potential. First studying Psychology in her undergrad and ending up doing her M.A. in Educational Technology was a natural evolution as she learned about the power of well-designed learning products that made people want to learn. Marry a motivated learner with well-culled content, engage them using well-designed activities and the result will be inevitable -  successful learning! The aim of all the learning products Christina designs is to optimize this outcome. 

  • Experienced working in diverse content domains 

  • Skilled working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

  • eLearning developer skills

  • Passionate about learning and helping learners

  • Adaptable to working in teams - small & large



Training Needs Analysis

Believe it or not, training is not always the solution!  Using a well established training needs analysis process, Flex Learning Designs will guide you through a process that will help you answer the question - Is training really the solution and if not, what is?


Once we have established that training is the solution, we will begin the next step of defining what needs training, how, when, who and so on. Along with your domain experts, Flex Learning Designs will help you define the content for your learning project so it makes sense, so it's focused and meaningful, and aligns with your organizations goals and objectives.


Flex Learning Designs will identify the best instructional strategies and methods that work for your learning content and learners. Storyboards capture the content with clear developer notes.  A prototype is developed so you can visualize the learning product and modify it so it's just right then pass is along to your developers. 


How do you know learning occurred? How do we know your project was a success? Was there a change in performance that contributed to your organization's goals? Once the project is underway, at various points we will measure pre-defined indicators to determine the impact of the project. No change? We revisit the training and adjust. Change? We congratulate ourselves!


Flex Learning Designs has worked with leading public, not-for-profit, and private industry clients across Canada. 


  • Nutrition International

  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada

  • Canopy Growth

  • Mission Critical Innovation

  • uOttawa, Faculty of Medicine

  • Public Safty Canada

  • The Ottawa Hospital

  • Thales, Defence & Security

  • CAE

  • Friesen, Kaye & Associates


Selected Projects

Online Education and Resources

Accredited Self-Directed Learning Module

Learning Management Systems (LMS) Needs Assessment

Online Orientation Module

Application Training: An

e-Tutorial Series

Pre-lecture Online Tutorial  



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